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Pokemon GO Changes Pokemon Spawns in Certain Areas

When a game gets over 75 million downloads in its first month of existence, its developer might have to look into changing things up every now and then simply because of the sheer number of users devouring content each day. Such is the case with Pokemon GO, the mobile title that has taken the gaming world hostage and has done little to relinquish its grip on the massive playerbase that has cropped up in the wake of its limited release.

While the early feedback on the game has been mostly positive, Pokemon GO‘s fairly limited content has led to a lot of the game getting figured out in the past month. Dedicated players will be familiar with the concept of lure parties, designed to maximize a group of players’ experience gains in a specific amount of time, and the relatively new method behind triggering Pokemon GO spawns. A recent discussion on the Silph Road community, however, has indicated that those spawns might not be the same as they’ve been over the past few weeks.

According to members of Silph Road, a gathering of Pokemon GO players that has been behind many of the bigger game theory discoveries thus far, certain Pokemon GO “nests” have been altered to spawn different Pokemon than they have before. Previously, certain areas in cities would spawn numerous amounts of the same common or rare Pokemon, an occurrence that never changed. These nests were different from the region-specific Pokemon in Pokemon GO, but they were still useful for players looking to collect a lot of specific candies.

Now, it looks like players will have to adjust their plans slightly. While it appears the location of the nests has remained the same, the Pokemon they spawn have changed. Multiple players have begun confirming that this is true, and the reaction has been predictably mixed. Pokemon GO trainers who were close to rare nests, like those that spawned Dratinis, are obviously disappointed, while those previously surrounded by Pidgeys could not be more happy.

Players who have relied on Pokemon nests and know their locations can check whether the areas around them have been affected by using helpful tools like Pokevision. Those who do, however, should keep in mind that in a recent interview Pokemon GO devs discussed their dislike for tracking tools like Pokevision. Overall, though, the nest change is likely a good idea and should help shake up a game that has the potential to get stale quickly if new features aren’t implemented in a timely manner.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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