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Listen to Shadow the Hedgehog repeatedly shout the c-word on Wii U

It seems as though Nintendo has a bit of a profanity issue in the Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Wii U game. Yes, that is a mouthful of a title for a game, but just wait until you hear the mouthful Shadow the Hedgehog gives the goalkeeper during a game of soccer.

The hilarious and NSFW audio has been discovered in gameplay footage captured by YouTube channel NintenU and then singled-out by Eurogamer. Shadow can be heard to say what sounds like the c-word, you know: c**t when he fails to get past the keeper and score a goal.

Shadow really is an angry fellow, isn’t he?

I can’t figure out what he is meant to be saying other than c**t, top guesses include “caught” or just a grunting sound. I also wonder how on earth this got past the testers on the game. Maybe they were playing it in a loud environment and nobody thought to check the audio samples?

Whatever happened, this is hilarious and also embarrassing for Nintendo. I expect a patch will be issued very swiftly so that Shadow is no longer the cause of kids asking their parents what a c**t is.

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