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The Galaxy Note 7 may cost 850 euros upon its release in September

The Galaxy Note 5 landed as Samsung’s latest flagship phablet in mid-2015, and now we’re ready for the next Note. Samsung probably won’t call it the Note 6, though. Instead, it seems it will be called the Galaxy Note 7. Here’s what we’ve heard so far about what the next-generation Samsung phablet will offer.

Mere days ahead of the Galaxy Note 7’s launch event, the handset’s pricing appears to have been revealed prematurely. Steve Hemmerstoffer, proprietor of gadget rumor site @OnLeaks, revealed that the Note 7 will cost 850 euros when it hits European shores in September.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 7 appear to have already begun — at least they have in Dubai.

According to Android Central, Samsung has started taking pre-orders for “the Next Galaxy” at its retail location in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates. “Pre-order yours and be the first to own it,” states a sign outside the store. “Get the Next Galaxy before anyone else.” It’s taking deposits of 500 dirham — the rough equivalent of $136 — between July 21 and August 2. It’s unclear if this is an officially sanctioned pre-order campaign for the Note 7

T-Mobile may follow suit next week. SamMobile reports that the Magenta carrier could begin offering customers the option of pre-ordering the handset ahead of its official unveiling. It could launch on the carrier as soon as August 2.

Samsung sent out invitations to an event on August 2, and based on the teaser, it looks like the event is for the Galaxy Note 7. The announcement didn’t come out and say it will be for the Note 7, although the Note series trademark stylus spotted on it almost gives the game away. The invitation also supports a long-standing rumor that the next Note will break with established nomenclature. There apparently isn’t a Note 6 coming, and Samsung will likely jump ahead to calling this model the Note 7, ensuring consistency across its naming structure.

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We’ll be in attendance at both events, so stay tuned for all the details and our hands-on.

Events will take place in both New York City and London, which suggests that the Note 7 will launch globally — unlike the Note 5, which was not released in Europe.

Another leak on Russia’s regulatory certification board seems to confirm that the Note 7 will arrive worldwide.

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The leaked device bears model number SM-N930FD, and it may be the Note 7. It’s not official news or even concrete evidence the phone will be sold in the U.K. and Europe this time around, but it does hint that Samsung may plan a wider release for the Note 7.

Of course, the Note 7 will launch in the U.S. and some Federal Communications Commission filings appear to show six models. Here are the model numbers:

Those strings of numbers and letters are less random than they look. They’re consistent with a model number that appeared on the User Agent Profile (UAP) page on Samsung’s mobile support site earlier this year: SM-N930F. Speculation at the time pegged it as a variant of Galaxy Note 7, which isn’t so far-fetched — although the UAP didn’t make specific mention of the Note 7, the fact that the Galaxy Note 4 had the model number SM-N910 and the Note 5 was the SM-N920 makes it a fairly safe assumption that “SM-N930” refers to the next Note in Samsung’s lineup.

The “F” on the end of the name normally refers to the European model of the phone, while “V,” “A,” and “T” denote the Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile variants of the Note, respectively.

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