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Level-5’s next Inazuma Eleven soccer RPG uses a fitness band to level up characters

Inazuma Eleven is a soccer RPG and anime series you’d be forgiven for never having heard about. It was created by video game developer Level-5, better known for producing games such as Yo-kai Watch, Fantasy Life, Professor Layton, and Ni no Kuni among many others. But Inazuma Eleven is very popular, at least in its home territory of Japan, and Level-5 is set to try something a bit different with the next game in the series.

You may be surprised to hear there’s already thirteen games carrying the Inazuma Eleven name (which have sold over 8 million copies), along with multiple anime series that add up to a total of 268 episodes. Here’s a trailer for one of the 3DS games that saw a release last year to give you an idea of what these games are about:

Now Level-5 is producing a new game in the series called Inazuma Eleven Ares No Tenbin for an unspecified platform, but will most likely end up on a Nintendo handheld or smartphones. The most interesting thing about Ares No Tenbin is the presence of a fitness band.

Level-5 has teamed up with Takara Tomy to produce a fitness band players can wear all day. It is linked to the game, meaning walking and running around accumulates points which can then be used to level up the speed, technique, and stamina stats of the in-game characters and players in your team. Effectively, Level-5 is encouraging exercise to help progress in the game.

The fitness band will be sold separately and not mandatory for playing the game, but it does also double as a watch and will display appropriate words depending on what’s happening in the game. For example, “goal” or “win.”

The band is sure to be a hit with parents who want their kids to be more active each day. Just how popular it ends up being depends on the price, though. What will also help get gamers excited about picking up the game and the band is a new anime series, and you can watch the first trailer for it below. The band will probably feature and be worn by one or more of the main characters.

There’s no word on whether either the game or TV series will make it to Western markets. I’d say there’s a greater chance of the anime coming West due to streaming services such as Crunchyroll. But the games? And with a fitness band option? I won’t hold my breath.

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