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Canon registers 5D Mark IV in Indonesia, DSLR could unveil at Photokina

As the photography industry’s biggest name, there is a lot of excitement and anticipation over Canon’s next 5D-series camera body — which many expect will be the replacement for the popular 5D Mark III. A recent filing with the Indonesian Certification Authority (ICA) has added fuel to that fire, with rumor sites suggesting that the Canon camera is set for a Photokina announcement.

The history here is that most products registered with the ICA usually are the subject of some sort of official announcement within two or three months of that registration. Companies have to register their products with the ICA when they come with Wi-Fi or GPS or other technologies that can send or receive a signal. The part that makes this somewhat of a guessing game is that companies are not required to register the product with their final or public name — so in most every case, these products are registered with internal code names to throw off those who monitor these publicly accessible registrations.

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In this case, Canon registered a product code named DS126601, which the Canon-specific rumors site Canon Rumors says it can confirm as a known (to them) internal code name for the 5D Mark IV. This is a code name, Canon Rumors claims, has been used previously as an internal Canon identifier of the 5D Mark IV.

So, if the historical pattern hold true, an announcement could occur two months from July 1 (when the registration was made). As it happens, that is the start of September, just weeks ahead of the biggest photo industry trade show in the world, Photokina, which takes place in Cologne, Germany every two years. If Canon is looking to make a splash ahead of the big show, as is believed, then an announcement of the 5D Mark IV just ahead of the show would fit the bill.

None of this is officially confirmed, nor will it be, so take this information with scrutiny. But for those of you who have been seeing the impressive announcements coming from Fujifilm, Nikon, and Sony, and found yourself wondering what Canon’s response would be, the signs point to an answer coming soon.

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