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Pokemon Go Player Keeps Playing as Wife Gives Birth

Since the launch of Pokemon Go a couple of days ago, it’s no longer an uncommon sight to see people out and about, waving their smartphones around in search of wild Pokemon. However, not everyone has heeded the game’s suggestion to “be aware of your surroundings,” as some have been playing the game when it isn’t appropriate to do so, like the banking employee that was almost fired for playing it on the job. A man by the name of Jonathan Theriot may take the cake when it comes to playing Pokemon Go at inappropriate times, though, as he played it while his wife Jessica delivered their baby via c-section.

As Jessica was in the middle of delivering Ireland Sage Theriot into the world, Jonathan was alerted to a wild Pidgey in the room. The flying-type Pokemon was spotted on Jessica’s hospital bed, and was successfully captured by Jonathan – after he took the time to screenshot the moment to share with Reddit, of course.

Some have criticized Jonathan for playing Pokemon Go while his wife was in labor, but apparently Jessica wasn’t upset. According to Jonathan, she just laughed it off and rolled her eyes. Being in labor and all, we imagine Jessica had more pressing concerns than worrying about her husband playing a video game, even if he probably shouldn’t have been at the time.

Ireland Sage Theriot’s amusing birth story probably won’t be the last instance of Pokemon Go being played at questionable times. The game is dominating the iOS App Store charts, and if developer Niantic is able to keep players engaged with the game over the coming months, there’s no reason to think that its popularity will decline anytime soon.

It seems as though a lot of people are betting on Pokemon Go having serious legs. For proof of this, one just has to look at Nintendo’s shares, which have jumped 10% since the game’s launch. Pokemon Go‘s remarkable popularity shows that Nintendo can be a key player in the mobile gaming market, and its shareholders are probably irked that the Big N didn’t consider mobile development until just recently.

Pokemon Go has set the bar high for Nintendo-related mobile gaming projects, and it will be interesting to see if the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem mobile games have similar success. Even if those games are hits, somehow we doubt they will be so popular that fathers are playing them during the birth of their children, but we will find out later this year.

Pokemon Go is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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