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Open Discussion: July 8, 2016

The warm weather has arrived in spades, which has made it the perfect week for masses of intrepid Pokemon Go fans to explore their neighborhoods with phones at the ready. We’ve got a great weekend ahead of us, and that means it’s time for this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion!

For the uninitiated, the Game Rant Open Discussion is a place where gamers can gather and discuss not only the gaming events of the past week, but anything that happens to be on their mind. To join in on the conversation, just head down to the comments section below this article. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few talking points from the past week, so that readers can quickly catch up on the happenings of the videogame industry.

This week, we’re talking about Pokemon Go (of course), Red Dead Redemption (finally!), The Division, and more!

Here’s the highlights of the week, with the comment section at the bottom:

Most gamers who have been anxiously watching the lucky Pokemon Go beta testers stroll around can finally join in on the fun, as Pokemon Go has now launched for most regions. The instantly popular Pokemon application initially released only for Japan and Australia, though the United States and other regions followed suit within a period of 24 hours. Intrepid Poke-fans everywhere are eagerly downloading the application en masse, and those looking to stock up on pokeballs quicky have already played in to how the game handles microtransactions.

Gamers who previously played Ingress will find a very similar experience in Pokemon Go, with the portal system replaced by an all-new Gym system, allowing fans to live out the dream of becoming a feared Pokemon Gym Leader – though they’ll likely be holding down the fort in a subway station or burger joint instead of an actual gym. In any event, we expect that Pokemon Go will be a popular smartphone application for quite some time, though gamers playing on the go should be aware that the camera-heavy application is tough on battery life.

We’ve compiled some handy guides on both how to level up and how to win battles, so newbie trainers can quickly compete with the early-bird gym leaders!

Ever since Microsoft announced the backward compatibility feature two years ago, one of the most popular requests on the platform was for Red Dead Redemption. Microsoft got so many requests for the game throughout the last two years that the company had to explain why it wasn’t added into the catalog, but those days are now over with the long-awaited confirmation that the game is finally due for Xbox One via backward compatibility.

Microsoft is celebrating the popular title’s entry to backward compatibility by listing all of its multiplayer DLC for free, which is a price one typically can’t say no to. That’s what makes it so unsurprising that sales of Red Dead Redemption have now shot up by a staggering 6,000%. It’s clear fans are eager to jump back into the boost of the grizzly-voiced John Marston, which is something that certainly wouldn’t happen in the possible sequel.

Red Dead Redemption is available via Xbox One backward compatibility right now!

Fallout 4 fans hoping for for a ‘third season’ of downloadable content were disappointed this week to find out that the upcoming Nuka World DLC will be the last additional content for the game. The news comes straight from the Twitter account of Bethesda Vice President of PR and Marketing Pete Hines, although the company hadn’t previously given any indication that this DLC would the last hurrah for the Boston commonwealth.

Thankfully – especially for console gamers – there’s always the wonderful world of modifications to explore once everyone have inevitably completed all of the official DLC. Although PS4 gamers are stuck waiting for modifications to arrive on the console, eventually all Fallout 4 fans will be able to enjoy the limitless potential of  fan-made content. In the meantime, fans can still play through the previous DLC along with the new workshop content, which has recently led to some hilarious methods of companion torture.

The Nuka World DLC for Fallout 4 is expected to arrive in August 2016 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Much to the chagrin of many, each additional update to The Division seems to spur on several new bugs, which often leads to additional server downtime. History proved to repeat itself after the official 1.3 update (which belatedly arrived this week for PS4 gamers). The studio has now confirmed that it is currently working on a patch to fix the plethora of issues brought forth by the last update, which includes errors preventing users from accessing the new incursion and a bug involving the Pulse ability.

Despite the amount of glitches and problems that have stemmed from The Division, the game itself has proved to a massive commercial success, and most gamers have been able to look past beyond the problems and enjoy the player-versus-player aspect of the game. Ubisoft Massive’s latest title even made our Top 10 Games of 2016 list, proving that the open-world shooter entertained as it scaled through both singleplayer and multiplayer portions of the game.

Gamers worried that No Man’s Sky might go through yet another delay have nothing to worry about now, as Hello Games has now confirmed in a very excited tweet that the game has officially gone gold. The road to going gold has been a long one for Hello Games, a studio which had its studio flooded in 2014, had its developers receive death threats, and even got embroiled in a three year lawsuit about the name of the game itself. Thankfully, the rocky weather seems to have given way to calmer waters, and barring some horrific incident the game should be releasing in the next month.

It looks like the latest delay may have been due to the lawsuit rather than development issues, as once the lawsuit was settled Hello Games reported that development was going well. With the game officially finished this week, fans now have nothing left to do but wait. The game is a downright exciting concept, and we’ll certainly keep you posted on if the game was worth the wait.

No Man’s Sky is scheduled to release on August 9, 2016 for PC and PS4.

Of course, the above news pieces are only a small percentage of all of the exciting news that poured from from studios and fans this week. We’d love to hear what’s on gamers minds, whether it’s ranting about the upcoming remaster of Skyrim or even just making Euro 2016 predictions (it’s France, right?)

The comment section below plays host to the Open Discussion, where gamers can chat about whatever happens to be on their mind – even if it doesn’t pertain to the gaming industry at all. We do kindly ask our readers to please refrain from discussing any inappropriate topics or posting any inappropriate photos.

See you in the Disqus-sphere!

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