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Leaked images of a redesigned Windows 10 Mobile Action Center surface

It looks like Microsoft is having some ideas in mind for how they will improve the Action Center in Windows 10 Mobile in the future, reports MSPoweruser.

Specifically, the site received leaked images of what appears to be “first visuals” of a redesign of Windows 10 Mobile Action Center’s top parts, where function buttons are. In the old design, the buttons are separated into toggles and app launchers, the former of which can be expanded, while the brightness slider stays hidden in the collapsed mode.

The new design will keep the Brightness slider consistently available, with a choice of it staying below or above the row of app launchers, somewhat similar to iOS’s approach. Brightness is one of the most-used functions for smartphone users, and this change should be a great usability improvement.

Nevertheless, this is only a leak, and only the first designs at that; things may, and do change as development progress, so take it how you want. It’s great to have proof of Microsoft’s effort in improving the experience for its users on mobile, however, and we can’t wait to see what new changes will be coming in the Anniversary Update, Redstone 2, and beyond, as Windows 10 Mobile gets perfected.

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