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Capcom reveals Street Fighter characters left on the cutting room floor

The Street Fighter series has a reputation for containing some of the craziest characters in video games. From a musclebound Russian who wrestles bears for fun, to a green-skinned, electricity shooting monster, to a guy who’s hairstyle is inspired by the brush-side of a broom, and a man who can stretch his limbs like Reed Richards. Street Fighter has no shortage of oddball characters.

As crazy as the games’ rosters have been, some of the weirder fighters never went beyond being sketches on paper. Capcom recently made a post on its Fighters Central site that revealed the designs of characters left on the cutting room floor. Some of these characters were admittedly lame, but others would have been pretty fun, especially because of how silly they are.

The drawings in the gallery below represent designs for characters that would have appeared in Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V.

While these characters never made it into the two recent Street Fighter games, there is nothing preventing them from appearing in future titles or even as DLC characters. Prototype Shadoloo Soldier and Miss Babo are probably best forgotten, but Fighting President and Fighting Literary Master are just too good to be tossed aside.

Perhaps we should (politely) let Capcom know that we want to see some of these characters in the next Street Fighter. Who’s joining me in voting for Fighting President?

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