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Developers have new Bing APIs available for purchase, including Search, Autosuggest, and Spell Check

If you’re a business that uses Bing Search APIs, then Microsoft wants you to know about some changes taking effect today, July 1, 2016. Access to the new APIs are available to developers of all kinds, from small startups to the largest enterprises, and they’re now a part of Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, which power the core Bing platform and are accessed by Bing users across the globe.

The new APIs follow structured data standards (Schema.organd JSON-LD) and are REST APIs. That should ease their implementation while keeping them reliable to supported. The new Bing Search APIs have a number of features, including:

Here are the new Bing Search APIs that are available for purchase:

The new Bing Search APIs are available on the Azure Marketplace. Current Bing Search and Bing Web Results Only APIs will be retired on December 15, 2016. If you’re a developer, then, you’ll want to check into what’s happening with the program and make sure you have all of your ducks in a row. You can get more help in the transition here.

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