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I Grew Up Star Wars shows how the Force has affected us over the decades

For nearly four decades, Star Wars has been an international obsession. It is difficult to find someone whose life has not at least partially been affected by something Star Wars-related. Over those many years, a mountain of Star Wars entertainment and merchandise has been released.

We often see it in stores or in collections, but a collection does not capture the memory of what it was like to first interact with your favorite toy or to stand in line to meet Darth Vader at the mall. Luckily some of these moments were captured on film and one person has made it their mission to make sure that they are not only preserved, but shared with the world.

That man is Tom Berges and he is the operator of the website, I Grew Up Star Wars. Why did he start this internet marvel? According to Tom,

“For years I would look at my families old photo albums, starting at around 1978 I noticed that I was usually wearing a Star Wars shirt, or there was something Star Wars-y in the background of the photo. A figure or two I was carrying around, a fridge full of Star Wars trading card stickers, etc. Well, about 10 years ago, I thought it couldn’t me just me that had these photos with Star Wars stuff in them, it must be pretty much everyone from my generation, and then of course beyond. I posted on a Star Wars site that I frequented at the time and posted some of my photos I had. Not to say that I was the first to do so, but the feedback was really positive. So a year or so after I decided to put a call out for photos of the same type to build a gallery for a website. I previously had ideas about creating a website for documenting Star Wars collectors and collections, but after seeing the great childhood Star Wars photos start to roil in, the hook was obvious for the website! The response has been amazing!”

The current site has accumulated well over a thousand photos with new ones being submitted and added daily, either through the website or through their 4,000 member Facebook group. Here are a few of the gems that give you a glimpse of what you will find while browsing the full collection.

As you can see, Tom does not just post photos from the seventies and eighties. Instead he makes an effort to include all generations of Star Wars fans, even ones who are discovering it for the first time. This fits in well with the long term plan for the site. When I asked Tom where he saw it going in the future, he said, “More of the same, hopefully a lot more! I really hope we just keep growing, and more people find out about the site! The more people know, the more we grow. I hope the site is a place where Star Wars fans can relive their Star Wars childhoods!”

So while the collection is pretty large already, much like the Star Wars franchise, I Grew Up Star Wars, has no plans to wrap things up anytime soon. If you have a Star Wars memory or photo and would like to share it with I Grew Up Star Wars. Just email it to Tom or stop by and join their wonderful community on Facebook.

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