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HUGE ISIS Convoy Annihilated (Vids+Pics)

HUGE ISIS Convoy Annihilated (Vids+Pics)

Event happened a few days ago. The Iraqi air force claimed that about 426 vehicles carrying up to 2,000 militants were hit in the airstrikes. These were fighters fleeing after the Iraqi government captured Fallujah. A lot of the material for this comp was found at:

11 km convoy being observed before being attacked.

A vehicle trying to get away gets destroyed.

Some fighters trying to run away get rekt.

US also partook in some bombing of the convoy. Most of the bombing was by the Iraqi airforce.

Some fighters who got away were hiding in a ditch and were killed.

Iraqi pilot ran out of ammo in his Mi-35M so he shot a terrorist w/ his gun & landed the heli on him.

Some on ground footage of aftermath.

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