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Twitch thinks you want to watch people gorging themselves on food

When it comes to watching game streams online, Twitch is the king of the hill. As you can tell from our most streamed games and channels posts, millions of people tune in each week to watch others play video games. Twitch has expanded to include non-gaming streams that feature artists creating works for a live audience. With Twitch Creative becoming a hit of its own, the channel is further broadening its programming once again to include streams of people eating. You read that correctly — you’ll soon be able to tune into Twitch to see people gorge themselves on food.

Unlike Twitch Creative, which garnered a lot of media attention because it launched with a 200-hour stream of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, the “Social Eating” channel was launched with little to no fanfare. The Social Eating channel is similar to South Korean online broadcasts called “muk-bang,” where people eat a ton of food while talking to their viewers. In fact, Twitch’s Social Eating channel even references muk-bang.

Currently, the channel only features a handful of people gorging in front of a camera, but it’s possible that we’ll see more folks becoming involved as time passes. If this channel is anything like Twitch gaming, don’t be surprised if you eventually see girls with low cut shirts eating entire boxes of pizza or multiple Chinese good lunch specials. Let’s just hope whoever participates in these streams eats responsibly. The last thing we’d want is for someone to choke while livestreaming.

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