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GTA V secret has players facing off against Michael J Fox’s Teen Wolf

Though the game has been out for many years, Grand Theft Auto V is still offering up secrets for players to discover. This latest one took players months to uncover and culminated in a strange battle against Michael J Fox’s Teen Wolf.

This all started last year when users who dug around GTA V‘s code discovered the locations of special peyote plants that, when eaten, transformed the game’s player character into Bigfoot. However, these plants would only appear when it was foggy or if there was snow on the ground. Players would have to manipulate the game in order to get the desired weather for the plants to spawn. This secret alone would have been enough, but Rockstar decided to keep adding more to it.

With every new GTA V update, Rockstar added the location of more peyote plants. These plants had to be eaten in a specific order on specific days and with the aforementioned weather conditions. Within the code, it was revealed that the plants needed to be eaten from Tuesday to Saturday between 5:30AM and 8:30AM. It should be noted that Rockstar only added the location of the other plants when players in the community got closer to discovering the big secret.

All of this leads to a new beast appearing in the game world that must be hunted down. In order to track this creature, players (playing as Bigfoot) had to roar in order to get a response roar from their prey. This then would lead to an epic chase across GTA‘s map, with some chases lasting well over an hour. A user by the name of LeBlond was the first to successfully hunt down and kill the beast — a creature that is blatantly modeled after Michael J Fox’s Teen Wolf. Once the monster is dead, players get its skin to use in the game’s Director Mode.

The entire nine month journey has been chronicled by Kotaku. We suggest you check that out as it is a fascinating read.

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