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MSN News app updated with customized news sources for all

Do you use the MSN app to get your daily fix of news? Well, you’re probably going to like the latest update to the Windows 10 MSN app as you will now be able to customize your sources to get even more tailored news. The app has been updated today to version, just a week after Windows Insiders first had the chance to play with the new app.

Once you’ve updated the app, you can select your sources by tapping the hamburger menu and then selecting “Sources.” Then, you’ll find different categories including National & World News, Sports, Technology and more. Tapping each category will reveal a list of available sources to choose from, you can see how it works in the screenshots below:

While this latest update will allow users to get more curated news, the app is still not as powerful and flexible as a dedicated news reader such as Flipboard or a RSS reader app like Nextgen Reader. Moreover, if you’re using the MSN app on your iOS or Android device, both apps have yet to be updated with this customization option. It’s pretty rare that Microsoft brings new features first to its Windows 10 apps, so you should definitely give it a try! You can get the MSN app from the download link below.

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