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LA hotel confuses GTA V and real life on its website

Grand Theft Auto V‘s Los Santos does a great job of being a virtual Los Angeles. As a person who travels to LA for E3 each year, I always joke that being in the city makes me want to play GTA V because of how closely Los Santos resembles LA. As detailed as the fake city is, however, it is not an exact replica of LA, nor is it meant to be. However, one LA hotel begs to differ.

A user on Reddit noticed that the Figueroa Hotel’s website is using a very familiar looking image as a stand-in for downtown Los Angeles. This image is of course of downtown Los Santos from GTA V (as you can see from our featured image above). The image’s file name is “downtown-la.jpg.” Perhaps this was what caused the confusion, but it’s painfully obvious even to those who haven’t played GTA V.

This is a shot from a video game, not of the real downtown Los Angeles.

In the game, the Figueroa hotel is known as the “Hooka Palace.” You can actually see it in the screenshot above. Although it has the iconic three column sides, it is on the wrong side of the street to its real life counterpart. There is also the fact that LA Live, the Staples Center, and several other downtown LA landmarks are missing.

While this makes for a funny story, we have to call out the person behind this for being lazy and not doing basic research when searching for an image of downtown LA. We know Los Santos is a close approximation of Los Angeles, but this is just plain ridiculous.

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