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Thanks, Brexit: The OnePlus 3 might get a UK price hike

Europe is still in flux at the moment, as the continent is still dealing with the after-effects of Britain’s impending exit from the European Union. Unfortunately, Brexit’s effects reverberates throughout many markets, including the phone market, and this is why OnePlus revealed it might increase the OnePlus 3’s price in order to remain profitable.

When Britain’s residents voted to leave the EU, the British pound experienced a sharp enough drop to cause worry in the eyes of the world’s stock market. Things have stabilized a bit, but the British pound remains volatile, which, combined with the company’s already thin profit margins in the phone space, is why OnePlus thinks it will be difficult to remain profitable in the U.K. if it continues its current price structure. Because of that, OnePlus will hold out the possibility of a price increase for the OnePlus 3 if things continue as they are.

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“Currency fluctuations are not your fault, nor our fault,” reads the blog post making the announcement, “but if we sell at a loss, the simple fact is that there won’t be a OnePlus in the future.”

OnePlus did note that the price hike is not guaranteed, but it issued the warning as a heads-up to prospective buyers who otherwise might be caught off guard. The company did not say by how much it will potentially increase the OnePlus 3’s price, though OnePlus did increase the price of its first flagship back in March 2015 in response to the fluctuation of the euro.

The one constant that seems to be flying around, regardless of what market you talk about in relation to Brexit, is uncertainty. Something like this has never happened in the past, and all affected markets do not know what will happen. Samsung, LG, and Acer may have their businesses negatively affected, with the latter two possibly shutting down their London offices. Brexit may wreak havoc on registered .eu domains. Regardless of whether they exist only as possibilities, Brexit has already showed its impact in many business markets, and we are not even a week removed from the referendum.

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