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Lil Bub is the world’s cutest perma-kitten powered by electromagnets

In the world of famous internet cats, this little kitty has made a huge impact. She’s got her own talk show, an album, apparel line (for humans, of course), and even an upcoming video game!  She’s pretty much the Queen B of the cat world; and that suits Bub just fine. Because this kitty is going places, and helping other special needs cats along the way.

See, Lil Bub isn’t just one of the world’s cutest perma-kittens. She has a rare genetic disorder that causes her to stay so small. Her dude, Mike Bridavsky, adopted Bub when she was just a wee kitten. She was the runt of the litter, and seemed to be affected by a case of dwarfism. It accounted for her tiny stature and eternal kitten-like qualities, and why her tongue hangs out due to her lower jaw being foreshortened. But within a year, Mike knew something else was going on with Lil Bub.

Bub started having a hard time jumping and playing, and very quickly, she lost her ability to walk. By the time she was a year and three months old, she was nearly immobile. Doctors discovered that Bub suffered from an extremely rare condition called Osteopetrosis, stone bone disease. As Bub’s bones grew, they became thicker and more dense, and would only deform over time. The X-rays also revealed Bub had nearly no bone marrow in her central cavity of her bone shafts.

There was also very little they could do.

Bridavsky refused to give up on Bub. He tried Reiki, an alternative medicine that focuses on energy healing. But even he was skeptical about it. The sessions, however, appeared to give Bub some comfort and got her moving about, a little bit at a time. But then, at the suggestion from one of Bub’s growing fan base, Bridavsky found a piece of modern medical science that would save his best friend.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. A non-pharmacological form of pain management that uses electrical currents in waves to stimulate the healing process and help to ease discomfort. And there’s years of science behind this tech as well. It’s a widely used form of therapy in Western Europe for humans, though in the United States the FDA has only approved it for use on animals.

So when Bridavsky found out about it, and the Assisi Loop, he was willing to give anything a shot to help Lil Bub.

Within a month Bub was able to stand upright. Then she was walking again. Now, four years later, she is able to run and even jump and plays like any other five-year-old perma-kitten. The pulse therapy, which is specifically tuned to Bub’s needs, actually helps break down the overgrown cells that cause her bones to become so dense in the first place. It makes for one very happy Bub.

Now that Bub is back up to speed, she has wasted no time getting to work helping other cats with special needs. Lil Bub’s Big Fund has raised over $200,000 in two years to help local rescue groups that specialize in homeless pets with disabilities. For Mike , this was a no-brainer. He started helping his local shelter in his home town, just by selling t-shirts of Lil Bub, but as her fame grew, he knew he wanted to do more.

Of course, deciding which shelters to help was a monumental task, so in conjunction with the ASPCA, Mike and Bub set up a grant program where rescue groups could apply to be recipients of the money raised. In 2015, 94 organizations received $127,190 from proceeds and direct donations to Lil Bub’s Big Fund.


What’s next for Internet’s famous cat? Lil Bub is working on a video game. Well, her dude is, with the help of his friends. Lil’ Bub’s Hello Earth is a full on retro arcade classic, done up in 8-bit glory. Mike plans on releasing it for iOS and Android, and doesn’t want fans to have to pay a dime for it (not even those pesky pay-to-play transactions). Which is why he’s set up a Kickstarter for Lil Bub’s Hello Earth, to make sure Bub (and us!) gets the coolest game possible.

Through raising money for shelters and awareness that special needs cats are not lost causes, Mike hopes he can honor Lil Bub and change more lives down the line.

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