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The Division Guide: How to Get the New Underground Gear Sets

The first of several paid expansions for Tom Clancy’s The Division arrived yesterday for Xbox One and PC players, inviting agents into the dark and deadly underground environments of Manhattan. The biggest changer with this update is the new Underground mission system, which lets players battle through randomly generated urban dungeons which aims to provide endless replayability and the chance to score great loot. Similar to the Nephalem Rifts in Diablo 3, these underground missions could provide the hook players have been looking for to continue playing months down the road.

The Dragon’s Nest incursion also introduces players to the Four Horsemen, powerful Cleaners organizing the faction in an effort to burn away the virus once and for all. Finally, new weapons and loot have also been added to The Division including the addition of new gear sets for players to track down. Unlike the previous free releases however, this update introduces five new sets, all centered around a specific player build such as sniper, support, or survival.

With so many new pieces to collect from the various locations in the game, one intrepid Reddit user has managed to detail each of the possible locations that these items can drop in the new Underground update. Thankfully, each gear set can be obtained through a variety of means, allowing players of all types a chance to get their hands on those powerful bonuses.

Here are the details for all five gear sets and all of the locations players may find the various parts.

Lone wolf players, tank based players, or individuals who favor staying alive as long as possible will want to start putting together the pieces of the AlphaBridge gear set. Players with two pieces from the set gain two additional medkits, while players with three items gain 100% health regeneration. For those with four or more, the AlphaBridge talent unlocks, giving them access to all unique weapon talents when the primary and secondary weapons are the same type.

Unlike the other four sets, AlphaBridge is aimed at all Division players, so each piece can be acquired by playing the core game, such as the older incursion missions instead of the new content added in Underground. Here are the best places to look for finding the various pieces to this set:

Known as the Hybrid/Darkness archetype set, the B.L.I.N.D. gear also excels at crowd control. Players with two items from this set gain a 20% bonus to pulsed critical hit damage, while players with three items gain 100% resistance to blind/deaf attacks. For those with four or more items, the B.L.I.N.D. System talent activates, which creates a flashbang effect at the location of an enemy death.

This set is primarily found within the Underground missions, but here is the complete location guide:

Support players will want to spend their time farming for Reclaimer gear items as they provide bonuses to consumables and support stations. Players with two items equipped will gain 100% bonus to support station healing speed, while three items grant an additional 50% bonus to consumable duration. Finally, for those with four or more items equipped, the Reclaimer talent unlocks which grants all consumable and special ammo bonuses to the entire team, rather than just yourself. In addition, those items are not consumed on use.

Here are the best places to look for finding the various pieces to this set:

Similar to the Hunter’s Faith set before it, Sniper types should look no further than the DeadEye set which enhances marksmen rifle weapons as well as players utilizing critical hits and headshots. Players with two items gain an added 20% damage boost to marksman rifle critical hits. Three items add 40% bullet stability while four or more unlocks the DeadEye talent which removes headshot damage for marksman rifles without a scope but adds 100% bonus critical hit chance.

Like the Reclaimer set, DeadEye is pretty much found in the same spots. Here is a recap:

The last of the new gear sets focuses on Incendiary bullets and reload speed. Players with two equipped items gain room for three additional incendiary bullets, while three pieces grants 100% reload speed. For four equipped items, the FireCrest talent activates granting incendiary bullets for 10 seconds after a burning target is killed.

Similar to the B.L.I.N.D. set, these pieces have the best chance to be found in the following places:

Have you found any of the new gear sets so far? What’s your favorite set from the Underground update in The Division so far? Let us know in the comments below

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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