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PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Go Back on Sale Tomorrow

Sony officially announced during its E3 2016 press briefing that PlayStation VR would release on October 13 with a library of about 50 titles. This news received a positive reception, especially after fans saw that Resident Evil and some other big name franchises would be receiving games for the headset. But despite the renewed interest, most gamers haven’t been able to order the system. PlayStation VR originally went on pre-sale back in March but quickly sold out across multiple retailers and Sony executive Andrew House admitted the company expects the PlayStation VR-shortage to continue after the launch. But now, Sony has announced that it is giving gamers one last chance to pre-order. The official PlayStation blog has let it be known that those interested in a PlayStation VR headset should be ready to rise and shine Thursday morning:

It definitely sounds like anyone interested in the headset should be ready to click refresh like mad the second 7 a.m. Pacific rolls around tomorrow morning. It’s unknown exactly how many systems Sony is making available but some previous pre-sales have sold out almost immediately. It’s also not clear if the pre-sale is for just the $399 headset or if there will be more expensive bundles available. Besides the headset itself, the base $399 package will ship with a processor unit, a connection cable for the headset, HDMI and USB cables, headphones, and a power supply. If the same $499 bundle that was on sale in March is available Thursday morning, it should also include a PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, and a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds.

It’s interesting to note that some gamers initially balked at these prices when they were first announced but it doesn’t look like the price tag has hurt the early sales. It’s also worth mentioning that even when bundled, the PlayStation VR is a smaller investment than some of the other virtual reality headsets on the market – provided that one already owns a PlayStation 4. It’s also true, of course, that the PS VR will not match the likes of the Oculus Rift in quality, but if Sony can keep major developers like Capcom and Rocksteady interested in the platform, it should be in good shape.

It’s beginning to look more and more like those who have been skeptical of VR might have to eat their words in the near future. That said, while there has been excitement for the headset itself, reaction to some of the E3 demos has been mixed. The PlayStation VR’s success will ultimately depend on the quality of the games released for the platform, so everyone will just have to wait and see.

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