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New Doom is getting classic Doom weapon placement

In many respects, the new Doom is a giant love letter to the original two games. Though much of the game is built to emulate the style of its classic predecessors, there was one thing about it that was off: the weapon placement.

With some exceptions, all of the weapons were on the right side of the screen. This differs from the original which had all of its weapons in the center. Thanks to an upcoming free update from id, weapons will now have their classic placement.

Here is how weapons are currently placed in the game:

After the patch goes live, you’ll be able to center them like this:

Doom center

As you can tell, the new weapon placement is much closer to the originals:

Doom 2 handgun

On top of the new weapon placement option, the other big addition coming with this update will be Photo Mode, which allows users to take in-game pictures. It’s unclear at this time whether or not this photo mode will be similar to other games that allow for pictures to be taken from various angles and with added filters.

The patch also fixes a number of bugs and issues for all three of the game’s modes: Campaign, SnapMap, and of course, Multiplayer. The latter actually received a patch earlier this month that shortened lobby load times and balanced some of the multiplayer weapons.

Doom update #1 will be available tomorrow for free to all PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One users. For a full run down of what this patch has, make sure to head over to Bethesda’s website.

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