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Kick back and enjoy over an hour of music from the ’67 Spider-Man Animated Series

The sounds of your youth can be a powerful trigger for transporting you back to a moment in your childhood. As someone who appreciates that pure feeling of nostalgia, I am constantly searching for these triggers. This week I was very happy to find a very unexpected one. YouTube user 11db11 has combined all of the background music from the 1967 Spider-Man animated series into one epic fan video. Now if you are saying to yourself, “I was born decades after this cartoon came out. Why should I bother checking this out?” Well, if you can’t enjoy some fun moody jazz tunes, you can at least say you now know where all those famous Spider-Man memes get their source material.

The music is not perfect. 11db11 had to work with the source material available, but they went through great effort to remove voice and sound effects. This is exactly the kind of geeky love note to a niche subject that makes the internet special. More importantly, it plants a flag. It says to the marketplace that people have a desire for this material. So showing interest in this video is probably our best chance to “vote” to get a true release of the soundtrack.

The music was created by jazz Legend Ray Ellis who passed away in 2008. He was a music arranger, conductor, and producer. Ellis is probably best know to non-cartoon music fans for his work on the orchestration for Billie Holiday’s Lady in Satin (1958). For the cartoon fan, he is best known for his brilliant work with the company Filmation. There he worked under two pseudonyms, Yvette Blais or George Blais. Along with Norm Prescott, he composed much of the music for that storied cartoon studio from 1968 to 1982. If you like this music, you should check out some of his other work on shows like Ark II, Space Academy, and Jason of Star Command.

The Amazing Spider-Band

This video is amazing, but 11db11 is not the only fan of this music to make an attempt to revive it. The Winnipeg-based band Volume, going under the name, “The Amazing Spider-band,” released nine tracks that capture the sound and flavor of the original recordings way back in 2002. You can even see their original website, which was long ago taken down via the Wayback Machine. Sadly, while I did find their original site and this image of a compact disc, I was not able to find a place to purchase the music online. Luckily, the tracks are all still available to stream at their page on Reverb Nation.

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