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Fallout 4 Mod Website Adds More Features and Improvements

As part of its Summer Roadmap, which is an outline of updates aimed at improving the overall mod experience, Bethesda released an update for Fallout 4 that will help by adding new options for those using or posting mods.

Among these new features is the ability for creators to monitor how mods are doing by checking its stats. They can also edit the mods version number or even add a custom name if they are so inclined. Additionally, modders can moderate their comments, which can be “liked” now, and new reports like “piracy/stolen” and time-based filtering were also added to all of the search engine categories.

Required mod dependencies are also a new feature, which will let anyone interested in the mod know if they will need a certain add-on or another mod to work in unison. Finally, only Steam-linked accounts will be allowed to upload mods from now on. Older versions of the Creation Kit, which includes anything before 1.4, will no longer work. The full list of notes is available at Bethesda’s website.

Fallout 4 mods have been going strong on PC since April, with Xbox One following a month later. Mods are a fantastic way to keep a game fresh long after it might have normally been put back on the shelf to gather dust (figuratively, for those with digital versions). In addition to simple changes, like graphical lifts, mods allow for completely off the wall features, such as turning babies into adorable baby nukes.

So far the Xbox One and PC are enjoying this kind of beautiful chaos while PlayStation 4 is still missing out on the fun; though it is scheduled to acquire mod access in the future. Both consoles suffer from a limit in size when it comes to mods, with Xbox One topping out at 2 GB and PlayStation 4 at a mere 900 MB, but Bethesda is currently working with Microsoft on increasing the Xbox One limit.

Modding for consoles is still in its infancy and Bethesda is doing what they can to make mods simple and accessible to all systems. This update should give modders and users some useful options to properly categorize, monitor, and find mods more easily. This is just one of the stops on the company’s Summer Roadmap and, perhaps, the next point of interest will be the PlayStation 4 so users can finally wander the wasteland as Notorious B.I.G.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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