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Latest Ford commercials feature Metal Gear Solid

Last month, David Hayter, who you may know as the iconic voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series (sorry, Kiefer), posted something on Twitter that left many scratching their heads over what the actor was referring to.

Was this meant as a way to tease his return to the MGS series? The actor will be lending his voice to an MGS fan-project, so was this tweet related to that story? Apparently not, as we now know it was for something else entirely.

To advertise its Focus SE and Fusion Titanium cars, Ford is using famous scenes from the first Metal Gear Solid game. The two videos posted today feature a codec call between Solid Snake and Colonel Campbell, and the classic confrontation between Snake and Psycho Mantis. Best of all, David Hayter and Paul Eiding reprise their roles of Snake and Campbell, respectively.

As you would expect, the commercials boast about the vehicles’ features via dialogue delivered by the characters. The funniest part is when Snake repeats what Campbell says in the form of questions. This is something he normally does in the games, but when Snake says things like “EPA-estimated 36 highway miles per gallon? That’s remarkable,” you can’t help but burst out in laughter. The commercial with Psycho Mantis is equally as hilarious since he can read Snake’s mind and knows that, deep down inside, he wants a Ford Fusion Titanium.

These commercials may not be David Hayter’s grand return to Metal Gear Solid as some had hoped, but perhaps it’s a hint of what to expect in the future. Konami had to approve these commercials, so maybe, just maybe, we’ll see David Hayter reappear in the next Metal Gear Solid game.

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