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Steam game with no graphics or audio has $32 one-page PDF DLC

Video games today are high-definition visual affairs with surround sound, professional voice-acted dialogue, and plenty of DLC packs to keep you spending/playing. However, a few decades ago gamers were being entertained with the humble text adventure where you actually had to type words and read! Now one developer has combined the old and the new by releasing a new text adventure game and complimented it with a very expensive DLC pack.

The game in question is available on Steam and is called Hadean Lands. For $11 you get an interactive fiction experience with no graphics or audio. “You type your command, and read what happens next” as the description explains. It’s a game full of puzzles, exploration, and alchemy. The overall Steam user rating is Positive.

However, Andrew Plotkin, the lone developer of Hadean Lands, has grabbed the attention of the Internet and the game-playing masses by releasing a $32 DLC pack for his game. As well as costing nearly 3x as much as the game itself, the DLC pack consists of a one-page PDF document and nothing else!

The document is called the Solo Adventurer Pledge Certificate, and you can see it below:

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you are being asked to pay $32 for a certificate that you sign and promise not to cheat when playing the game. As a bonus, Plotkin says he’ll throw in a JPEG version, too. How generous of him.

Plotkin states in the FAQ he wrote for the item that he is deadly serious about offering this certificate as DLC. He also explains that it will make it easier to not cheat because you’ve spent $32 promising you won’t. I guess that kind of makes sense, but still…

I suspect the real reason, or at least the equally important reason, for this DLC pack existing is to get everyone talking about Hadean Lands and therefore more people buying it. As a marketing experiment, it’s quite clever. So just buy the game, not the DLC pack.

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