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Windows Store has a slew of Fox movies on sale for $4.99

If you’ve been hurting for entertainment, the Windows store has a few things lined up that you might be able to enjoy. The store has a huge selection of Fox movies on sale or just $4.99 each, offering users a ton of options if they were looking for a movie or two to watch during the summer. On any other day, the movies, at the same HD quality, would be going for 3 times as much – $14.99.

Here’s the full list of movies.

You can check out the sales on the Windows store by checking the movies individually, but there’s currently no section of the Store that has them all put together. If you like something on this list, you can go ahead and search it up on the Windows store for a nice, cheap movie night. There’s something in the group of deals for everyone, with an especially big selection of family movies – you won’t be disappointed.

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