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Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment faithfully recreated in Doom 2

Believe it or not, George is getting murdered in Seinfeld’s home. As you can see from the headline above, someone has decided to recreate Seinfeld’s apartment (from the eponymous TV series) within Doom 2. The result is weird, but utterly hilarious.

According to the video’s description, it took YouTuber Doug Keener over one hundred hours to create this masterwork. If you’ve watched the show then you’ll notice how faithful this recreation is thanks to the precise layout of the room and the custom textures used.

The room is even filled with 2D sprites of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer — each of whom spout dialogue from the show. Even Jerry’s arch-rival, Newman, can be found in the mod. Since this is a Doom 2 mod, it should come as no surprise that you can brutally kill the cast with your trusty double-barrelled shotgun.

For those like me who remember playing Doom 2 and watching Seinfeld back in the day, this is the mod you never knew you wanted. It’s clearly popular, so here’s hoping that either Doug Keener or another like-minded individual decides to make similar mods in the future. I personally want to see Night Court recreated in Doom 2. Perfect Strangers would be pretty neat too, as would Married With Children, or maybe even shows people born after 1992 would recognize. The possibilities are endless.

This is most definitely a mod you want to check out, so if you own Doom 2 on PC, you can download the .wad file by following this link. Let Newman get what’s coming to him!

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