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Microsoft encouraging users to request Android apps for Windows 10 via Cortana

With the notification syncing between Android and Windows 10 available through the current Redstone Insider Preview build, Reddit user MrPromaster discovered that Cortana gave him the option to “Request App.” Naturally, the surprise has fans buzzing about the ability to use Windows 10 to connect with apps unavailable on the store.

Using the “Request App” through Cortana opens up a link to the Windows Store Request User Voice page. Even more interesting is that the User Voice page is not affiliated with, or run by employees by Microsoft. Regardless, that is where users can go to see a brief explanation of the button and some guidelines for making the requests. According to the web page, requests are directed to the company or developer of the app you are requesting but that doesn’t mean that they will decide to make an app. The request button is specifically for just voicing what you want on the Windows 10 store.

With only one person voluntarily manning the WinStoreRequests website, they’ve made a list of request guidelines:

Just earlier this year, Microsoft canceled Project Astoria, the application bridge for Android developers to convert to Windows 10. Perhaps Microsoft is intending to bridge that gap through the new “Request App” feature. For Android users, the addition holds hope for seeing their favorite applications on their preferred operating system. Perhaps we’ll see more information about the ninja feature as we progress through the summer towards the heavily anticipated Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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