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Madden NFL 17: Franchise Mode Adds New Play the Moments, Super-Sim Features

EA Sports The first blog post EA detailed . Experience Franchise faster than ever. Jump into game-defining plays, drives and situations that matter to you, speeding up your experience and delivering more fun. For players who want to span their career the entire 30 years but are limited in time, Play the Moment will be your new way to play. There will be different times you are called to 'play a moment'. EA says that sometimes you will be prompted to play a full drive at the beginning of a game in order to get a lead early. In the last two minutes of a half you may be called upon to drive down the field and manage the clock and perhaps on defense you'll be called in on 3rd downs to get the ball back for your team. Really any 'big' moment of a game you can be called in on. There will be a new sim speed feature which allows you to slow the game down and watch it unfold in real time during super-sim and during moments. This is an oft requested feature that is now being fulfilled. Another big addition is that super-sim will now take into account quarter speed in order to try to deliver a game as close as possible to the 120 play-per-game NFL average as well. Check out all of the new additions to 'Play the Moment' and Super-Sim !

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