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BioWare Shows Some New Bits Of Mass Effect Andromeda

Well, the next Mass Effect sure looks sick.

Mass Effect Andromeda follows a group of explorers trying to find a new place to call home—you can think of them as the aliens this time around. There’s a new galaxy, new planets, new characters, many of which you can spot in the trailer above. Oh, and the entire thing is on the Frostbite engine, which would explain why the game looks so damn pretty.

Also! Here’s the new protagonist, pictured above. Though I’m guessing you get a choice in gender, it’s pretty cool that Bioware is highlighting the female choice for the promotional materials at least.

Some images and GIFs of choice of some of the new stuff you can expect in Andromeda, from new locales, to new monsters, and even the Mako.

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