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Thieves steal 86 iPhones from Apple Stores by dressing like a Genius

There is a certain degree of intelligence required to walk into an electronics retail store and steal stock without any of the staff or security personnel noticing. And I’d say that’s even harder to do in an Apple Store, where the staff are all dressed appropriately, the display gadgets are locked down, and the rest of the stock is secured out back. But that didn’t stop a trio of thieves from stealing a total of 86 iPhones from under the noses of store staff.

This wasn’t a single theft, and the trio consisting of one woman and two men was well organized. During the first theft, one of the men acted as a lookout while the second man did his best to distract store staff. The woman had the most clever role: she entered the store dressed like a member of staff, so as to fit right in when she’s in areas customers really shouldn’t be anywhere near.

The first theft happened back in March and saw the woman manage to grab 8 iPhones valued at $5,300 from the Broadway at West 67th Street Upper West Side Apple Store. The trio then returned a few days later, but this time one of the men was dressed like an Apple worker. He approached the Genius Bar, opened a draw, and managed to walk away with 59 unlocked iPhones that had no security tags. The woman was waiting in a nearby bathroom with a bag to hold the smartphones.

During that second theft a member of staff noticed and called security, but the trio managed to flee. It seems as though the thieves went quiet after that, but on June 8 they struck again. This time Apple’s SoHo store was targeted. One of the men dressed like an Apple worker again, but this time he managed to gain entry into a back room where he found and stole 19 iPhones from a draw before leaving unnoticed.


In total, they have stolen 86 iPhones worth an estimated $65,430. The police continue to investigate and Apple isn’t commenting. It seems likely that new security measures are being implemented by Apple so as to make sure only real staff can gain access to stock. Maybe some new t-shirt designs would be a good idea, too?

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