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Five new Ghostbusters videos to hype you on the four ladies and Ecto-1

If you subtract 1,984 from 2,016 you get 30, so it must have been the Thirtieth Anniversary of the original Ghostbusters this week. When the Ivan Reitman-directed comedy opened in June 1984, it went on to become the second highest grossing film of the year, beaten only by Beverly Hills Cop. The movie would spin off into a franchise, bolstered by a one-two punch of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon and an expansive line of toys. This year, that franchise will come back to theaters with the newest installment since 1989’s Ghostbusters 2, the Paul Feig-directed remakequel also titled Ghostbusters.

None of this is probably news to you, but it’s important to recall the thirty previous years before we pivot, and pivoting we are. The new Ghostbusters are women, y’all, and in honor of the 1984 original (and conveniently about a month before the new movie’s release), Sony dropped five “vignettes” about the new movie. Centering on the four main cast members and the new Ecto-1, there’s precious new footage in these spots that can be milked for additional fan excitement.

Let’s start with the Ecto-1 vignette:

The original out-dated ambulance has become a hearse in this new iteration, which we knew, but the joke from Leslie Jones about the Ghostbusters paint job being inappropriate for a hearse is new! Most of the trailers for Ghostbusters (the ones that have become the most downvoted movie trailers on YouTube) don’t do a great job showcasing the movie’s humor outside of sight gags and cutaways. Letting little side jokes play in context makes them funny! Maybe this movie is funny! Like, for really.

Now that we’ve met the car, it’s time to learn a bit more about each core Ghostbuster and her contributions to the team. The logical place to start (story wise) is with Melissa McCarthy’s Abby. Abby’s the true believer and the source of optimism for the new Ghostbusters and her enthusiasm for ‘busting and science are the subject of some new footage from the movie:

The Patrick Swayze film gag is pretty good, but my Ghostbusting eye is drawn to the closing bit where a giant Roland (the rumored name of the ghost that becomes a huge version of the logo ghost) gets blasted in the face by a fearless Abby. She’s more aggressive than Ray (Dan Ackroyd in the original film) but still has his enthusiasm. I like it!

Kriisten Wiig’s character, Erin, will be the scientist kicked out of Columbia University this time around. Erin’s character vignette is more of a quick tour through the first act of the film (it appears). Check it:

Abby and Erin were old friends and the book that Abby published with both their names on the byline is embarrassing Erin who is up for tenure. She goes to try and talk Abby out of it, but ends up running into this movie’s version of the library ghost, who slimes her. She re-professes her belief in ghosts, which gets her fired, but by then she’s probably hyped up enough on ‘busting that she joins the team.

By the time she gets to the team, Abby has already found Kate McKinnon’s character Holtzmann, the tech wiz. Although, this engineer isn’t like Harold Ramis’ Egon Spangler…she’s more like Kate McKinnon herself:

Nice new footage of Holtzmann getting psyched over assembling a proton pack and a few new shots of the finale ghost battle at the end show off that McKinnon is going to have a lot of fun, even if most of that fun is mugging while other things happen. In case you didn’t catch it above, Holtzmann is the one that pimps the Ecto-1 out and she seems psyched about that too.

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle, Leslie Jones as Patty. There’s been some controversy that Patty isn’t a scientist like the other three Ghostbusters. Her character vignette shows how being employed by the MTA gives her the insider knowledge of the city:

You can see how Patty comes across the group and provides the Ecto-1 vehicle and the uniforms with her NYC knowledge.

We’ve been given a good look at the setup for this new Ghostbusters and some of us have been lucky enough to have thirty solid years of the first film’s legacy to give us an idea how the new Ghostbusters might play out. I’m cool with the new line-up, and looking forward to seeing these ghost designs do battle with the girls in Times Square when this movie opens on July 15th.

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