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Injustice 2 doesn’t understand how masks work

Warner Bros Interactive announced Injustice 2. We had a hunch it was coming, since NetherRealm has been steadily bouncing between Mortal Kombat and DC games for a while and its last release was Mortal Kombat X. Now, there’s a trailer showing off the new superhero brawling simulator (in CG cutscenes, of course; no gameplay footage). There are some interesting things to learn from the trailer and the announcement, like that the game will come out on PlayStation 4 in 2017, and that there will be an RPG-like loot system where you can upgrade your favorite DC characters with armor. Most importantly, the Injustice 2 trailer taught us that masks get more powerful when you put them on top of other masks.

That’s what these heroes do three times in a two-minute trailer. One mask isn’t enough for Barry Allen or Bruce Wayne, so they have to just layer them on until they can beat Superman. The Flash is getting his ass kicked by Superman. What can he do? Power up by putting a mask over his mask:


Batman’s having problems with Aquaman? Better mask up that mask.


Supergirl jumps into the picture and things continue to look bad for Batman. His only recourse is to put a helmet on over his mask that’s already over another mask!


We’re seeing some next-level equipment management here, folks.

Now, the question is if Injustice 2 will have the same hilariously stupid super-drugs to justify humans fighting evil Superman and not simply exploding instantly into red mist.

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