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How Cigars Are Made By Hand

The Binder & The Filler

The maker starts by selecting the "binder" tobacco (a tough, coarse tobacco leaf that holds the filler and the wrapper together. The leaves are harvested from the middle of the tobacco plant, Seco. They are lighter than Ligero, the top of the plant, in both color and flavor.) You can see the two binder leaves on the wooden plank.

The maker then selects "filler" leaves that come from the top of the plant (Ligero). They are dark and oily, burn slow and deliver most of the flavor. Filler can be long or short, however these in particular are long filler as it is a premium cigar.

Wrapping the Binder & Fillers

The maker then rolls the filler into the double-binder she has hand selected. This particular process needs no natural adhesive as it goes into a wooden mold in the next step.

The Press

As the mold is filled, the top is then placed and is ready for pressing.

The mold is then put into a press for an hour. After one hour, the cigars are all hand rotated 90-degrees and placed back into the press for another 2 hours. This process eliminates the seam from the binder that has been wrapped around the filler.

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