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toothpaste anon has a run in with police

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i Anonymous (ID: g) =
06/ 06/ 16( Mon) 23: 15: 26 No. 76367324
me, 20 yo
to a pub on a fiday night,
A getting drunk as fuck
T home on my bike
203 KB we ' t manage to cycle in a
straight line
Chrash into a parked car
dingus saw it and come to me
it was "their" car and that i owe them
Poolice car drives by (coincident)
the police they tried to rob me
tells the policemen about the crash
gno dmg on the car somehow
tthey got arrested
Thats what you get for lying against a white man.
i Anonymous (ID: ) E
06/ 06/ 16( Mon) 23: 16: 35 No. 76367384

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