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A Nintendo Power Glove is the best drone controller ever

Because everything else is just child’s play, the only remote control that should be used by a self-respecting geek to command a drone is the Nintendo Power Glove.

The Power Glove had a lot of unrealized potential after disappearing from stores in 1990 just a year after it launched. Fortunately, there are plenty of nostalgic DIYers who have a soft spot for the early VR controller, and they’re giving it some pretty amazing updates.

Take Nolan Moore. The staff over at Hackaday bumped into him at the Bay Area Maker Faire recently where he was proudly demonstrating the Power Glove that he had converted into a fully functional remote control for his Parrot AR Drone 2.0.

He scored his original Power Glove as part of an auction lot, and it sat around gathering dust until the day inspiration struck. That one was left intact: he purchased a second Power Glove off eBay and carefully disassembled it so he could begin his mod. The keypad and red LED remained intact, but all the internals were set aside to make room for more modern components — including a custom-made PCB.

power glove drone remote

Moore’s goal wasn’t just to create a retro-futuristic way to control a drone. Ultimately he wants to turn the Power Glove into a Universal Human Interface Device that allows wireless control of just about anything — an HID that lets you control things “in style,” he says.

To do that, he’s planning to make swappable modules for it. His current glove features a Wi-Fi radio that lets it communicate with the AR Drone. To work with other devices, he’s considering adding Bluetooth, IR, USB, and several other interfaces. Moore loves the Power Glove, it’s so bad.

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