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Every parasite in Rick and Morty season 2 episode ‘Total Rickall’ discovered

The Rick and Morty season two episode “Total Rickall” might be the best episode of Rick and Morty ever. When the Smith family is forced to figure out which of their exponentially expanding clan of friends and family is trustworthy and which are alien parasites that want to escape the barricaded house, the show hits an ideal balance between the sitcom clip show trope and a sci-fi parasite premise. Not to mention, it adds dozens of characters to a show that already designs at least one alien world a week.

The problem of populating a parasite-infected house with cool-looking original characters could fall to a few different people in the animation workflow. First, the script has speaking roles for a number of parasites, like Cousin Nicky and Frankenstein(‘s Monster). Those characters could have been created early in the process by “Total Rickall” Storyboard Artists Eric McConnell and Dan O’Connor under the supervision of Art Director James McDermott. If the character appears in the script specifically, it falls to McDermott to present designs to showrunner Justin Roiland for approval.

Everyone knows their favorite character from “Total Rickall” (chances are it’s Mr. Poopybutthole), but do you know all of the new characters from “Total Rickall?” We’ve isolated and detailed all the parasite characters below, and attributed the original designer (when we could find out who it was). Use the arrows to cycle through!

Below is James McDermott’s design sheet for Hamurai, who began design life as an actual speaking ham before evolving into a person in a ham outfit.


The next step in the character creation process falls to character designers Maximus Pauson and Gerry Galang. Along with McDermott, they were charged with generating a number of humorous-looking characters that could fill out the background shots of the house once the infestation had reached its peak. Those rough character designs would go to Justin Roiland, who would approve or scrap the idea before it went to the artists.

Here’s one of Maximus Pauson’s background character design pages for “Total Rickall” with Justin Roiland’s typed notes in pink:

The final designs would go to Color Supervisor Jason Boesch and the final designers who would color in the character, split the drawing up into different parts for animating, and draw the new character poses. Not to mention that a lot of those characters also had transformation animations when they were shot, morphing the design into a parasite body.

We still have one question, though:

Can everyone agree that we all need to be obsessed with Tiny Cowboy Riding a Dog now? Where did he go?

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