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Cap America got Sexually Assaulted

So let me take a moment to talk about respect.
Today, Chris Evans was assaulted. A woman grabbed
him in his photo op and full on tongue kissed him
without his permission and without warning. He had a
panic attack and Wizard World had to pull Tom and
Chris Hemsworth to calm him down. I was there when
they pulled Tom.
Say goodbye to Chris Evans at conventions. He
wanted to cancel the rest of his engagements for the
rest of the day, but rumor is, Tom talked him
A ticket, no matter what you paid for it, does NOT buy
physical contact. They owe you nothing. You are
paying for a photo with them and an autograph. You
aren' t paying for their arm around you. You aren' t
paying for a hug. You aren' t paying to kiss them.
Boundaries. Respect them. They owe you nothing. No
matter what that price tag is. Don' t physically assault
the people you ad mire. Respect them. Respect
yourself. This is common sense.
Do not touch them without permission. Don' t even put
your arm around a celebrity without their permission.
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