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Illegal Alien has a breakdown

i' m at breaking point. I can' t live like this. 51: -E‘. Picles': e
I am an undocumented immigrant close to having a mental breakdown, My family can' t watch television or go on
internet anymore and my mother has threatened to commit suicide if Trump wins in November and having panic
I don' t know who to turn to anymore. We all have donated everything we courd to Sanders. I can' t speak Spanish
and don' t know anything about Mexico. I have lived here for 15 years.
What will Bernie/ creton supporters do if Trump wins, Will you stand with us undocumented? Would you lay down
your life for us like the brave people during the underground railroad?
Please. I can' t take it anymore. we have done nothing wrong. He is treating us like how the airman americans were
Its time for revolution. VIVA LA BERNIE & JANE.
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t H: 21 points 1 day ago
So if you' re undocumented do you pay taxes?
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points 11 hours ago
b Why should we pay taxes exactly? This is our land and reparations of airman americans and Latinos will never be
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Hit] Al “mi ll hates ago
IL Maybe we minds and african americans band together and don' t pay and use civil disobedience we can get all you
racists to leave and let us rebuild what should be our country. White peoples have been nothing but trouble since
america was founded.
lee. - er-. -.‘ came pa: orel report gr. -e gold reply
4 mrots 5 hours ago
g, Don' t fucking call me racist when I said nothing but race while you' re calling white people trouble for America. Can I
ask you to look at either Mexico or the United States and tell me which one is safer to live in? or which has everything
more advanced. Oh yeah it' s the United States so don' t fucking say that white people have been trouble here. And
some of you people are already using civil disobedience and it just shows how hypocritical liberals are, and at the saw
time calling TRUMP Violent, How is that? Right now I' m hoping that youve a troll , the stupidity level on
you is getting higher and higher the more you talk.
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why taes that matter? Government has enough memey, I bet trump pays no taxes either,
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t [ points 23 more ago
3. on you' re fucking retarded trumps family came as immigrants NOT ILLEGAL immigrants. And yes he does pay taxes.
You think 20 trillion dollars in debt is government having enough? The whole reason they don' t want undocumented
Immigrants is so they don' t just miotch off of the nations money like you' re doing.
paperers. overalt embed ? parent report nive gold reply
til 3 points 11 hours and
4. So you don' t pay tax (which is vital to the running ofthe country), and you as a non citizen try to influence the
outcome of presidential elections f' ?
Do you understand how that makes you look? I mean, obviously you' re a troll. But based on what you' said
concerning these issues and other things, even if you weren' t, I don' t think you' d make a very good citizen even if you
were legalized.
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l damago*
43. We here before "Americans". America is just a social construct and so are borders. No one has a right to keep people

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