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These Mortal Kombat X beers finish with a friendship

San Diego-based Global Beverage Traders wants you to get over here and try one of their three new beers. They’re inspired by three of the badass fighters from Mortal Kombat. Crafted by Poulsbo, Washington’s Sound Brewing with an abv of 8% to 8.5%, all three brews have the ability to hit as hard as the characters that inspired them: Raiden, Scorpion, and Sub-Zero. So, what kind of beers did GBT and Sound feel best captured their essence?

After a long, hard day of protecting the Earthrealm, you might want to unwind with the Raiden Imperial Saison. The Belgian-style ale will torpedo your taste buds with a blast of hops accompanied by the crackling of carbonation. The original Sub-Zero may have been killed by Scorpion ages ago, but he’s been resurrected — this time around, thankfully, not as a horrible wraith from the Netherrealm but as an Imperial Stout. Chilled, like a fatality from its namesake, it packs a hoppy punch. At slightly warmer temperatures, it’s more of a malty affair. Last but not least, there’s the chili-infused Scorpion Imperial Stout. A hint of vanilla helps to soften the blow, but this one still packs an enjoyable jolt — albeit one that’s far less jarring than a kunai to your midsection.

And because Warner Bros was good enough to release Mortal Kombat X in an XL package, GBT figured their licensed beers should follow that lead and come in appropriately-sized bottles. They’re 22 ounces each, suitable for quenching the thirst of even a giant, four-armed Shokan warrior.

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