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40 of our favorite iPhone 6 cases for style and protection

Patchworks ITG Level Case ($18)

The ITG Level case from Patchworks has a classic dual-layer design with tough polycarbonate on the outside and shock absorbing TPU inside. It meets military drop test standard 810G, so you can rely on it to keep your iPhone 6 safe. It’s surprisingly slim for a protective case, the cut-outs are generous, and there’s a bezel round the front to protect that screen. The sides are also subtly textured to add grip, and the button covers are easy to use. You can pick it up in a choice of four colors: black, white, red, or sand.

Cover-Up Woodback Snap Case ($26)

It can be expensive to snag a wooden phone case sometimes, but Cover-Up offer a range that won’t break the bank. You’ve got a solid, polycarbonate case in black, with a wooden panel on the back. It will offer basic protection from scuffs and bumps – don’t expect amazing drop protection. You can choose from a wide range of different woods, from cedar, to mahogany, to maple (there are 12 in all). The cut-outs are accurate and it’s a thin case, so there’s nothing to interfere with your normal iPhone 6 usage. If you spend an extra $5, you can get a lightning bolt or treble clef on the back.

Speck MightyShell Case ($39)


If you’re in the habit of fumbling and dropping your iPhone 6 a lot then drop protection should be on the top of your list when shopping for cases. The MightyShell from Speck actually exceeds military drop test standards. It has a multi-layer bumper and a radial pattern inside that absorbs shock and cushions the iPhone 6. There’s also a raised bezel to protect the screen. Usually rugged cases are really thick, but this one is relatively slim. There’s a version with a clear back that allows Apple’s design to shine through, or you can opt for various color combos. Speck is so confident about this case that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Rhinoshield Crash Guard Bumper ($25)


If you can’t bear to cover your iPhone 6 up, then a bumper might be the right choice for you. Rhinoshield offers a solid, protective bumper in a choice of seven different colors. The matte finish is soft and enhances grip. The button covers are clearly marked and easy to find without looking. There are adequate openings for your ports, though some third-party accessories with larger jacks might not fit. You also get a protective coating for the back of your iPhone, which you apply like a screen protector. The bumper definitely adds a bit of bulk, but it survived drop tests up to 15 feet, so it should certainly keep your iPhone safe.

Tech21 Evo Mesh Case ($15+)


You can expect solid drop protection from Tech21’s cases without the need for excessive bulk. The company has a special process that enables its TPU cases to dissipate the force of any impact so your iPhone doesn’t bear the brunt of the impact. You’ve got white, pink, and blue, as well as smokey red and black color options. There’s a bezel on the front to protect the screen, and button covers on the sides. The openings are all present and correct and the case is a perfect fit. All the cases are translucent, so you can see the iPhone design beneath the protective dot pattern.

Omaker Bumper Case ($8)


This case is very flexible, so it’s easy to fit and it feels nice in hand. The corners are reinforced to bear the brunt of any impact and the front has raised edges to protect the screen. There are button covers for power and volume, but the volume buttons are a little stiff. There are also cut-outs for all your ports, the mute switch, and the camera and flash. It’s a transparent case, but there is a dot pattern on the back. You can get it in clear and smoky versions at this price, or opt for translucent blue or pink at $10.

Toffee Flip Wallet Case ($60)


Thoughtful design and quality materials make this case well worth checking out. It will suit anyone on the lookout for a wallet-style case for the iPhone 6. The exterior is genuine leather in black, red, or brown. Inside there’s a hard shell that holds your phone in place. It has all the usual cut-outs for easy access, and there’s a blue check or blue dot lining. You’ll find three slots for credit cards and ID, and a large pouch for cash. The elastic closure keeps the case firmly closed, and when you open it to take a call, there’s a clever magnet that holds the flap back for you.

Vesel Wood Series Bumper ($140)


At first glance, you might recoil at the price tag on these luxury bumpers, but the quality is impressive. The metal series offers aluminum in different shades with different colors of plastic on the joints, but it’s the wood series that’s more likely to seduce you. The top and bottom comes in your choice of bright silver or darker gray aluminum, and you can combine that with oak or walnut sides. There are also perfectly sited aluminum button covers. The bumper is fitted by unscrewing the top piece and sliding the iPhone 6 into place. Strictly speaking, there’s no protection front and back, but the frame is larger than the iPhone all the way round, so the screen and the camera lens on the back won’t be touching if you put it down or drop it on a flat surface. These bumpers are really all about style, and they match the elegant design of the iPhone 6 beautifully.

Kenu Highline ($30)


This is something a little bit different. What if your iPhone 6 had a bungie cord attached, so it couldn’t hit the ground, even if you dropped it? Kenu has come up with a very minimal shell in matte black, with large cut-outs, and a texture that really enhances your grip. The case isn’t going to save your phone if it actually hits the floor, but that’s what the elastic leash is for. It clips onto the case and into the Lightning port, and it boasts a Kevlar core, which means it isn’t breaking. Attach the loop to something like a zip, and you can whip that iPhone out on the ski lift, or at the top of the Empire State Building without a worry.

Encase Flexishield Glitter Gel Case ($10)


Here’s a budget option that goes perfectly with the gold iPhone. The case is made from a translucent gel material, so it’s very easy to fit, and it doesn’t cramp your iPhone’s style. The back panel has a glittery effect, but it’s not over the top. There’s a lip on the front to protect your screen, and you’ll find that the cut-outs are precise. This case also adds a little grip, but it’s slim so don’t expect rugged drop protection. We have a lot of pricey options on our iPhone 6 cases list, but this one won’t break the bank.

Nodus Access Case 2 ($72)

Nodus Access Case 2

This premium leather case has an understated style that should appeal to a lot of people. The genuine, luxurious leather exterior comes in either brown or black, and yo can opt for a vertical (flip) or horizontal (portfolio) opening. Inside, there’s a microfiber lining and a pocket for holding cash and cards. This case has no cradle or shell, but instead, features a panel with suction cups that holds your iPhone 6 firmly in place, even when dropped. A small panel on the cover also keeps it closed. This helps the case retains its slim build, provides easy access your phone’s ports and buttons, and ensures that there’s nothing to detract from the iPhone 6’s design.

Pong Sleek Case ($50)


The idea behind Pong’s cases is to try and reduce your exposure to radiation and the company claims it has found a way to do that while also boosting your outbound signal thanks to the built-in antenna technology. The lightweight Sleek case also manages to be svelte and quite stylish with a distinctive pattern on the back. You’ve got full access to ports, buttons, and the camera with the case on. It’s not really rugged, but it meets military standards for drops of up to four feet. You can get it in black, white, or red.

Cygnett WorkMate Case ($27+)


With a malleable TPU core to absorb shock, reinforced corners, a tough polycarbonate shell, and a silicone exterior for added grip, this case helps to prevent accidents and protect your iPhone 6 from harm. It also has button covers. The cut-outs are all precise, including on for the Apple logo on the back, and the camera can be used as normal, even with the flash. It’s chunky, but you get a good level of protection for the price. In addition to the blue you can pick it up in grey or red.

Moshi Sensecover Case ($7)


The USP for this case is the window in the front cover which allows you to check the time, reject calls, or swipe off alarms without having to open it. It’s a standard folio style case that opens like a book. It has cut-outs for the camera and Apple logo on the back and a scratch-resistant viewing window on the front. The fake leather cover has a magnetic closure with microfiber on the inside. Your iPhone 6 sits in a TPU shell that should keep it safe from small drops or bumps. The cover can also fold back and act as a stand. You can get this one in black, white, or pink.

Amzer Crusta Case ($45)


The Crusta case from Amzer certainly looks different and it offers rugged protection at a reasonable price. You’ll find a tempered glass screen protector which will safeguard your screen from scratches without impacting touch sensitivity. The case itself is a hard, polycarbonate shell with a tempered glass backing, and there’s a layer of softer plastic like rubber that goes round the outside forming air pockets to absorb shock. The buttons are covered and so are all the ports, which will keep out dust. It can handle drops from up to six feet. You also get a rotating holster with belt clip. There are more than 40 different color variations available.

CM4 Q Card Case ($34)


If it’s a wallet replacement that you’re looking for, then check out this case from CM4. It has a durable, soft-touch rubber frame to keep your iPhone 6 secure complete with a generous cut-out for the camera and flash, soft covers for the buttons, and cut-outs for the ports. On the back you’ll find a stitched fabric pocket that can comfortably hold three cards and some cash. It offers quick and convenient access. The front bezel prevents your screen from being damaged if you lay it face down. You can get this in green, gold, or black.

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