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Compulab wants to make a silent, fanless Xbox

The Xbox One is a pretty solid, high-performance console, and rumors surrounding the next Xbox sound very promising. But what if Microsoft’s next console refresh could combine power and stealth?

Gaming consoles and fan noise have gone hand in hand for years now, but Compulab thinks they have what it takes to put a stop to it. They’re now licensing their Natural Air Flow technology, the same hardware that allows them to keep their wickedly powerful Airtop systems running cool even under heavy workloads.

The Natural Air Flow system packs dozens of heatpipes into flat panels that can easily dissipate heat from a Core i7 CPU and Nvidia GTX950 GPU. Compulab says a two-panel system is capable of coping with up to 200 watts.

Compulab posted a few images of what an Xbox might look like with a Natural Air Flow system thrown into the mix. They’re just concept renderings, but wouldn’t it be great if Microsoft and Sony decided that their next-gen consoles should be totally silent?

Compulab also likes to point out that removing the fans doesn’t just kill the noise — it can actually make the system more reliable, too, since there’s no fan to get bunged up with dust, fail, and lead to components getting damaged when the system overheats.

One more thing Natural Air Flow could do for the Xbox: make it dramatically slimmer. This isn’t just some designer’s flight of fancy, either. An Airtop can pack four 2.5-inch drives and enough processing and graphical power to drive four 4K displays and they measure just 4″ x 12″ x 10″.

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