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The 20 Best Google Chrome games

The Chrome Web Store offers a lot more than just a healthy dose of extensions, themes, and other nifty apps. It also houses an impressive collection of games that can be directly played on the browser for a small fee, or nothing at all. Many of the same great titles that are available on your smartphone, tablet, and high-end gaming console are also available on Chrome. Now all you need to know is which games are worth your precious time. Below are some of our favorite games currently available on Google Chrome.

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Test your mettle in this music-based runner. The level and pacing change dynamically with the music, so mastering the rhythm and flow are key. HelloRun can also be controlled with either your mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen, meaning the game can be played on a multitude of devices. These control schemes make the fast, arcade-style gameplay relatively easy to learn, but mastering the reflex-heavy movements is another story.

From Dust

From Dust is perfect for fans of real-time strategy and puzzle games. Players control the elemental forces of the world — earth, wind, water, etc. — and use them to protect their tribe of shamanistic nomads from natural disasters. As you work to prevent floods, volcanoes, and other disasters from decimating your village, certain elements will interact, thus allowing you to create new defenses and obstacles alike.

Nords: Heroes of the North

The wintery realm of Shingard is under assault by the evil Ice Queen. In Nords: Heroes of the North, you can take command of various Nordic of strongholds spread throughout the land and strike up alliances — or rivalries — with neighboring clans of Orcs and Elves. Diplomacy and strategy become key tools as you work to build up your army to defend your strongholds from the Ice Queen’s undead hordes.

Free Rider HD

Free Rider HD is the best ragdoll-based racer on the Chrome store. With 80 unique levels, multiple vehicle types, and tons of achievements to unlock, the game provides plenty of challenges to overcome. However, the game’s best feature is its robust user community. Free Rider HD also gives players the ability to create their own detailed, 2D racing levels. Players have crafted more than 50,000 custom levels at this point, which you can use to challenge your friends or the worldwide leaderboards.

Treasure Arena

With Treasure Arena, up to four friends can battle one another in a retro-style grudge match that mimics the old-school arcade games of yesteryear. Each level is littered with enemy monsters that you and your friends must eradicate together, while simultaneously competing to gather the most coins. As you take down enemies, you can loot treasure chests to gain better weapons and gear, all of which give you a competitive edge over your friends.

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