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Star Wars Rebels will have a historical cameo, and other juicy rumors

The Star Wars rumor mill this week was teeming with Rogue One production rumors and threat of a possible release date push back. Needless to say, fans reacted with alarm. But that’s not all the rumors this week. Let’s get in to the breakdown!

The biggest piece of news being reported is that Disney executives saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and were not happy with the result.

Rumblings about a possible release date push back have been circulating for a few weeks as we knew of reshoots on the movie happening as well as related books being pushed back, but Deadline is saying these reshoots will not affect the release date of the film.

As fans we have to remember that Rogue One is the first in a series of Star Wars films outside of the safe and familiar Skywalker saga of good vs. evil. The film is going to be placed under close scrutiny so Disney ensures they are getting value out of their investment. These reshoots could be a sign that they underestimated the needs of this franchise.

Let’s not forget that this film was initially supposed to be out in May of this year, but was pushed back to give it the time the filmmakers needed to make the best movie. These additional reshoots mean there’s more of a chance Rogue One can be great.

It’s hard to watch this amazing trailer and really worry about the tone of the film, isn’t it?


The other significant Star Wars rumor to hit this week was a tease about something really big possibly coming in Star Wars Rebels season 3.

Rebels director Dave Filoni was just announced as coming to Star Wars Celebration Europe next month, and to share his excitement Filoni tweeted this very cheeky tease:

Filoni and other Star Wars honchos have been using the phrase “there’s always a bit of truth in legends” for a while now when asked whether Star Wars Legends (formerly the Star Wars Expanded Universe) characters would ever appear in upcoming Star Wars films and TV shows. As Lucas was known to do for years, Lucasfilm and the Story Group are clearly going to pick and choose what they like from Legends to incorporate into forthcoming material, and this one might be pretty big for fans.


As many fans guessed, that book in the photo is Timothy Zahn’s Return of the Jedi follow up, Heir to the Empire. Heir to the Empire and its two sequels are referred to as the Thrawn Trilogy. This rumor got some coverage back in January along with a few other minor season 3 rumors, and this all but confirmation from Filoni makes it a pretty safe bet we will see Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels season 3.

Interestingly, Filoni is said to have taken inspiration from some of Thrawn’s tactical battle skills for battles in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He’s clearly familiar with the character so I’m actually looking forward to the inclusion of Thrawn in Rebels, and the announcement at Star Wars Celebration Europe this year.

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