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Star Wars Battlefront 3 Spiritual Successor Headed to Steam

Star Wars fans have had a wide variety of recent and soon-to-be released video games based on the iconic franchise. In addition to official Star Wars games, one fan-made title has officially gotten clearance to be distributed to PC players on Steam, though without permission from Disney.

Galaxy in Turmoil, a Star Wars fan game has been in development for many years, based upon the cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront III. Developer Frontwire Studios has been hard at work on Galaxy in Turmoil and has created an impressive-looking sequel to the classic Star Wars: Battlefront series, but without legal clearance from George Lucas nor Disney. However, that’s apparently not stopping Valve, which has agreed to host the game on the Steam distribution service for free.

According to Frontwire Studios president Tony Romanelli, there are admittedly some concerns that Disney may choose to sue. Unlike other spiritual successor games, Frontwire has created a Star Wars game with perfect replicas of iconic Star Wars locations, objects, and characters, rather than creating a game only loosely based upon Star Wars. However, Romanelli points out that Disney hasn’t pursued any legal action up until this point, and that Valve and Frontwire’s own legal team seem to think that there’s nothing to worry about.

While Star Wars Battlefront sold over 12 million copies, many fans were ultimately disappointed by Star Wars Battlefront due to a myriad of problems and a lack of story mode. Frontwire Studios’ game may help to fill this niche, though it doesn’t have a release date as of yet. In any case, most gamers who are fans of the Star Wars series will probably be interested in it, if only because the game will be completely free. It’s unclear if Valve’s belief that the game won’t provoke Disney’s ire is accurate, but if not, it wouldn’t be the first time that Valve has had to remove assets from Steam.

On the more official (and thoroughly legal) side of things, there’s plenty more Star Wars action to come, with promises of a Star Wars Battlefront sequel and LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out later this month. With five more Star Wars films on the horizon, chances are the games will keep coming. With any luck, Disney won’t see Frontwire Studios’ entry into the fray as a threat to official titles and have it removed from Steam.

Galaxy in Turmoil will be available on Steam for PC at a future date.

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