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Samsung’s completely wireless earbuds are also a fitness tracker

Most of the fitness trackers you can buy today go on your wrist. A few clip on your belt, and some others are designed to look like a pendant. Samsung’s new tracker goes right in your ear.

That’s because the Samsung Gear IconX isn’t just a fitness tracker. It’s also a set of completely wireless earbuds. Despite the fact that they had to build in a battery and Bluetooth radio when they ditched the cords that typically connect left to right, they still had room to cram in a heart rate tracker.  Samsung wasn’t done there: they even made room for 4GB of integrated storage. Load it up with music and you don’t need to bring your massive smartphone along on a run or ride just to kick out the jams.

Let’s circle back to its fitness tracking abilities. The Gear IconX features an integrated accelerometer to keep tabs on steps taken and distance traveled. There’s also a built-in heart rate monitor, and Samsung says the IconX can track the number of calories you burn as you work out, too. Need a little encouragement to meet your goal? Samsung’s onboard fitness coach will keep you motivated.

Pretty slick for a set of earbuds, right? The Gear IconX still has a couple more tricks up its sleeve. They come with their own storage case, and it does more than just keep the dust off: it doubles as an inductive charger.

You might also be wondering how you control the volume or skip a track since there’s no inline remote. The surface of the Gear IconX is a capacitive touch sensor, so all you have to do is tap and swipe.

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