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Hey, look! Even the Zuck can get hit by hackers

Has Mark Zuckerberg just had several of his social media accounts hacked? It certainly seems that way, and hacker group OurMine Team hasn’t been shy about claiming responsibility.

The apparent multiple breaches took place on Sunday, and included the Facebook CEO’s Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts. The group also claimed via its own Twitter feed to have hacked the Zuck’s Instagram account, though no evidence has been uncovered that a breach took place on that particular site.

Screen grabs from the other services, however, suggested OurMine Team was able to gain access to Zuckerberg’s accounts, with the group posting, for example, a new title on his Pinterest page saying simply that it’d hacked his account.

The group later reached out to Zuckerberg via Twitter, urging him to get in touch: “We got access to your Twitter & Instagram & Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please dm us.”

The Facebook CEO’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts, though rarely used by Zuckerberg, have now been reclaimed and the hackers’ messages wiped.

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One of OurMine Team’s tweets appeared to suggest it’d found Zuckerberg’s password among data related to the recently reported hack of LinkedIn, which is thought to have affected 167 million users of the social networking site for professionals.

If this is the case, the incident serves as the perfect reminder for LinkedIn users to go change their password if they haven’t already done so – and change it for all other accounts where that password is used, too. Need help with creating the perfect uncrackable code? Then you might want to try this.

[Update: OurMine Team’s Twitter has now been suspended.]

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