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Blinkies are clever YouTube videos that bring your drawings to life

Parents might be familiar with Lost My Name for its line of customizable children’s books, but it also has a YouTube channel with interactive stories and activities. This isn’t the sort of thing we usually cover, but the publisher recently came up with a clever use for a YouTube video called Blinkies — videos that bring a drawing to life in a fun way.

When you watch the video below, it’s not immediately clear what’s going on. Those drawings appear to be moving, as if something is being projected onto the paper. Is this some Kickstarter gadget? Witchcraft? No, it’s just a phone playing one of the Blinkie videos.

These videos are completely black except for the “face” elements. Some of them are just linking eyes (maybe a lot of eyes) while others have more pieces. There’s even the skateboarding legs Blinkie, which is pretty neat. All you have to do is draw something that matches the approximate size of the animation,and place the paper on top of your phone, and the eyes shine through the paper.

Blinkies are designed for phones or tablets in full-screen mode. You might have to play with the brightness level to get the best results in different lighting conditions. There are only five Blinkies right now, but they really ought to make more. They’re awesome. Lost My Name posts other videos as well, but there’s a playlist of just the Blinkies you can — and should — check out.

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