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No Man’s Sky Release Date Moved Forward In UK

While much has been made of the recent No Man’s Sky delay as of late, there is some positive news for fans of the upcoming space exploration title. Today, Sony revealed that the UK version of the game is actually moving its release date forward.

Now, No Man’s Sky will release on PS4 in the UK on August 10th. Previously, the game was slated to release on August 12th in the UK, a strange decision considering EU countries get the game on the 10th. Now everything is equal across the pond – every gamer will be able to pick up No Man’s Sky on August 10th.

For those curious American gamers out there, No Man’s Sky is slated to release on August 9th, a day earlier than the European release. Of course, the game was originally supposed to release later this month (June), but a last minute delay pushed No Man’s Sky to late summer.

The delay itself was nothing to be bothered by, especially considering the proposed scope of No Man’s Sky, but some gamers did not take kindly to it. So much so, in fact, that some gamers even issued death threats to the members of the No Man’s Sky development team at Hello Games.

It’s a particularly troubling revelation for what is typically seen as a good thing. As Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto once said, “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” Still, some diehard fans could not live with the fact they would have to wait longer to explore uncharted planets and discover new alien species.

But even in the face of death threats, the Hello Games developers are keeping a positive outlook and presumably focusing on getting their game into the best state possible. No Man’s Sky has the potential to be something really special, but the infinite possibilities that come with a procedurally generated universe likely requires a lot of careful fine tuning. That’s a major reason for the continuous unofficial delays and the most recent official one. Nevertheless it won’t be long now before UK, EU, and US gamers get their hands on No Man’s Sky and that should be very exciting.

Do you plan to pick up No Man’s Sky on day one? What are your hopes for the game?

No Man’s Sky releases August 9 in the US and August 10 in the EU on PC and PS4.

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