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Telltale’s Batman Game Coming This Summer; The Walking Dead in Fall

With Telltale Games having wrapped up The Walking Dead spinoff series about Michonne and the main episodes for Minecraft: Story Mode, fans are waiting to learn when they can expect to see the next projects from the studio. While fans will have to wait a little longer for exact release dates, Telltale Games creative communications head Job J. Stauffer has revealed the release windows for the next season of The Walking Dead, as well as the first of the five episodes planned for its Batman game.

Batman will begin before The Walking Dead, with its first episode launching at some point this summer. Potentially, this means that fans may have a chance to play through the first episode before this month concludes, unless Telltale plans to release it in July or August instead.

We’ll likely learn of an exact release date for Batman before the month is out, however, as in the same tweet wherein Stauffer announced the release windows for Telltale’s upcoming projects, he also made it a point to note that E3 2016 starts next week. This suggests that Telltale will be present at the event in some capacity, and it seems possible that more concrete release information on both Batman and the third season of The Walking Dead could come at that time.

While we wait for a more specific release date for The Walking Dead‘s third season premiere, Stauffer has at least offered fans a release window. As it turns out, the third season of The Walking Dead will premiere sometime this fall, meaning that its episode release schedule will likely overlap with that of the Batman game.

Out of the two games, Telltale’s take on Batman is more mysterious. It’s been suggested that characters like Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner Gordon will make appearances, but other than that, very little is known about the game’s plot. In the meantime, Telltale has been a little more open about what fans can expect from the third season of The Walking Dead.

For example, Telltale has hinted that when it returns in the fall, The Walking Dead will feature an older Clementine. This means that there will be a time jump between the second and third seasons of the game, and will help the game series catch up to the comic books, in terms of the franchise’s timeline.

With E3 2016 set to kick off in just a week’s time, Telltale fans should be able to expect to see at least one of the studio’s upcoming games in action at the event. Whether that’s Batman, The Walking Dead, or both remains to be seen, but it should prove interesting either way.

Batman: The Telltale Series will premiere this summer on various platforms, and the third season of The Walking Dead will begin this fall.

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